Hi, the last years we’ve been experimenting new ways to share our personal data with friends, family and everybody, but what have we done to protect us against the bad guys?

Well, the first years this has been a joke, simply a kid’s joke. We used to share our favorite food places, the movies we’ve been watching and where we did it. It used to be simple, funny, and everything as a joke. But the time has turned into a blur scene. Mean people has come to the scenario, people who want to take your data to pretend to be someone else to take advantage of you. What have you done to protect you? We have two different scenarios to take care.

The first scenario. YOU! You are the first scenario. How can you protect yourself? You must understand the importance of your web activity. If you put your information like your localization, you are telling everybody where you are, then someone with no good intentions could be near to you. If you share your birthday, it’s not impossible to get your banking account and some information about it, I’m not just telling it like a horror tale, you can read this and you’ll find interesting information about what I’m telling you.

It’s important to know that some innocent information maybe not be that innocent. Your pictures tells where you are, how you look, and it’s a very delicate information. People who wants to hurt you will have important information about your activities and where they take place.

It’s very important to take it seriously. Even if you plan to get a job in the future, all this information could determine if you get hired or not, it only depends on how you share it, public or private.

In social networks like Facebook, Myspace, Sonico, Badoo, etc. we share all this information and we don’t usually think of its consequence.

You should read the “small letter”. Society don’t usually read all the agreement they accept when access to a webpage to buy something or download or simply visualize something, so they take advantage of our weakness. They can ask you for your cellphone number and then take your charge so you lose your money.

So we have to be honest with ourselves and take responsibility to hide and protect our information then we have to evangelize everybody so this can produce a very big impact.

Second scenario, Corporations. Here is where we can’t do too much, but we must be aware that society has adopted the social networks as a big practice, Marketing has made its own and they use your activities to offer you something they believe you will need. But hackers has taken this “act style” to steal your information. Well, this is something interesting. Corporations like Eset, Kaspersky, Symantec, etc. have tried to protect you from all malware (viruses, spywares, etc.) But, why they exist? Because someone wanted information of someone else and the other one didn’t protect his personal information (banking data, for example); this situation has been happening for a long time, and it has grown.

But with social networks growing in a huge way, corporations made to protect us have a very heavy work. What else should exist? In my opinion, there should be laws that order to restrict how some software share your personal information, like your location. Facebook shouldn’t let you share your location with public attributes, its software should let you share only your location with some friends, so you should select one by one the people you want to share that information, making so complicated this share so you find easily make a private group message and then mean people couldn’t know where you are. But this is just the top of the iceberg. Technology must grow in a higher way and fast so Security Corporations can protect you more efficiently. Corporations who make Operating Systems should ally with security corporations so they include antimalware into their OS, like Microsoft (but with a better antimalware). It’s just an example, there are more things to do.

While Corporations make their own to protect us, we have to take action and protect ourselves too.

My thanks to Serguei Terceros corrections by writing in English.

Have a good night, my readers,


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